Effects listening to rock has on people

It is well-known that music can alter the mind, body, and emotions of the listeners. Every genre has a specific role and purpose in the world of music so we should not consider any as unnecessary because there are people out there enjoying exactly the music you would never listen to willingly.
When we think of musical genres altogether, intentionally or not, we create an image of the audience liking each one of them. While pop, r’n’b, and techno are associated with fun, classical to relaxation, rock is associated with aggression by many people who don’t know much about this genre precisely.
It is believed that rock music helps the listeners cope with the struggles, daily problems, and tough lives because they feel understood by realizing that they are not the only ones going through bad phases. Although we cannot generalize and say that rock music has the same effect on every listener, the facts say that the impact this genre makes on people is more positive than negative. Of course, the way the music is understood depends on the listener again so even if the composition is not meant to be aggressive, if the listener is aggressive already, he is only going to seek for a method and reason to express these feelings by acting violently and aggressively towards others, which is not rock’s fault.
The main purposes of rock:

• Motivation

As previously said, rock music is meant to make people feel accompanied by letting them know that everyone has struggles that we may not see. Considering that this genre is very popular among teenagers that find themselves misunderstood and lost in the society, many lyrics of rock songs target exactly the anxiety and loneliness the adolescents feel, which is why they get even more attached to a specific band or singer. These songs also motivate the listener to continue fighting despite the obstacles and understand that the hard times will make them better and stronger emotionally.

• Mood regulation

We all witnessed the sudden mood twist after hearing a specific song, for better or for worse. Music can change our moods in the matter of seconds by reminding us of something or simply cheering us up. Positive rock songs have a good effect on people by changing their moods and turn them more positive.

• Stimulation

Rock music is everything but soft, which is exactly why many people prefer it. The beat and hard sound of these songs gives the listeners a special, energetic feeling that stimulates them to work or party harder. It can also be a great stimulant during the training.

• Identifying

The reason specific bands and singers get famous and popular is that many people can identify with them. Being their music that makes the people feel understood, their style or personality, people find themselves in certain public figures and start idolizing them. Of course, apart from the extreme admirers, looking up to someone can be a good thing because people create a goal and image of a better and successful person they would like to be in the future.


The Best Bands in the DC area 2016

Washington, DC being one of the most famous cities in the world has everything that you could wish for. You can see and experience many things in this area and music is one of the very important factors. When we think of fun, we automatically associate it with music. Whether it’s rock, pop, jazz, rap or any other genre, music is always there to make the moment better and more special than it would actually be. In DC, you can find many different bands, depending on the occasion and the taste. Local bands might be the best in the entire country and the competition is indeed serious. Although all the bands put a lot of effort into their music and they are available everywhere, some might be more popular than others.

One of the best bands that perform all types of music and might be the most popular in Washington is ‘Music Fun Band’’. They can adapt to any style and genre and that might be one of the main reasons why people frequently choose them to make their special day even more special. This band has some serious events they participated on previously that deserve being mentioned, such as being attended by the President of the US and 1st lady and too many wedding, dinner and club parties to list.

If you are seeking for a perfect one for your wedding day except Music Fun Band, you could look closely at the band called ‘’ The Blue Tips Rhythm Revue’’. This charming group is working on their reputation and building it positively with the speed of light. They mix the genres in the best possible way and make the special wedding day even more special.

When it comes to rock, one of the bands that get a lot of attention is ‘’ Eclipse a Journey Tribute’’. For the short time of their existence (formed 2013), this band has gained a lot of passionate admirers. They usually play songs from the period of 1978-1986, a golden era for rock. This selection and the quality of the band made us list us to the list of best Washington, DC bands.

Now, if we look for a pop band, almost all the bands can fit into this category hence they mix genres but we chose ‘’ Lonesome Ryder Band’’ as an exception and suggestion for this type of music. Their performances include evergreen and trending music so the audience of all ages enjoys listening to these talented people.

The ‘’Bernstein-Bard Trio’’ uses an upright bass, mandolin, and guitar during their shows so they are very popular in traditional areas. Playing Scottish, Spanish, Italian and music of other cultures is a nice way to attract the foreign audience and making a change among other bands that mostly play the same music; this comes as refreshment for people with distinguee taste. They also cover famous melodies by some of the legendary bands such as Rolling Stones and Beatles. The atmosphere is always great with these 3 so they are highly recommended from us, just like the previously mentioned bands.


10 Things You Can Do On A Beach

There are many activities that can be done during the summer and usually, all of them are related to a trip to the nearest beach. Weather conditions lend themselves to have a good time, but much depends on what you choose to do. Somehow, we always associate summer with fun and happiness, which is why you should find the right ways to have fun and spend some great time with people or alone, depending on your preferences. This time of the year is mostly when people go on vacation and rest from the tough year or work. Therefore, it is obvious that everyone wants to have the best time and fill themselves with positivity that will give them energy for everything that will wait for them after they are done with the vacation. You could spend time however you like and you probably have some wishes of what you would like to do during summer so making them true is the priority. However, every summer day could be a new story if you use it properly and to the maximum. Instead of just coming and going every day, doing nothing in specific but getting tan, you could try and have some fun while doing that! We made a list of 10 things that you could do on the beach:

  1. Campfires

As long as this activity is allowed, a campfire with friends, family or your partner can be one of the most fun things to do on the beach. It helps people bond and probably makes everyone a little emotional hence you feel close to the people around you and you would like to seize the moment. Small barbecue and music can make this experience even more exciting, eventually, you can all go for a night swim and keep yourselves safe.

  1. Dolphin watching

There are boardwalks or even companies that offer these services to see this kind of cetaceans on many beaches. Dolphins are known for their kind nature so you might as well ride one or even kiss it! This is one of the ‘’must’’ things that you should experience during your lifetime. You have surely seen pictures of other people doing this before and you could be next!

  1. Messages in the sand

Although it may seem a little corny, you can write a great message to anyone, about anything and then take a photo that can be used later as a postcard. If you are away from home and some of the family members or friends could not make it and come with you, use this little gesture as a reminder that you would like them to be with you, they will surely appreciate it!

  1. Go Hunting

Not actual hunting! I mean treasure hunting, there’s all sorts of cool stuff you can find on the beach. I’m into my art as you should know by now, bad you if you didn’t! So I find some weird stuff on the beach and I try and make something out of it. My friend Richard owns a metal detector blog where he reviews detectors that he tries out. So I would recommend that.

You can actually create some quite cool art out of seaweed! It does smell though!

Seaweed Art

  1. Frisbee

This is one of the classics on the beach; it is very fun and can play it in a group of several people. Games on the beach are especially fun so you and your friends will surely enjoy this little activity. The winner can even get a prize so the game will get more exciting and everyone will be more motivated to play their best!

  1. Fishing

Fishing is another fun thing to do on the beach, although it requires patience, the thrill of catching a fish is well worth it. Of course, not everyone likes this activity so it is meant for those who actually enjoy it. Find a nice, calm place and spend some time fishing alone or with someone else. You will relax and have time to think and talk about many things while doing something productive.

  1. Castles in the sand

Building castles in the sand is not only meant for children. You can take the time to make castles of different designs, from the basic to rare ones. Your friends can join you as well so you can build one together that everyone else will be amazed by! It’s surprising how much creativity you can show with your own bare hands.

  1. Water Sports

One of the most exciting things about summer is to go surfing, kayaking, jet skis, water skiing and any other activity performed in the water. Those who love risky things and adrenaline rush can go for bungee jumping or similar, these activities can truly be exciting! However, not everyone dares to try them so there are Aqua parks with many fun things to do in the water while enjoying sunny days and feeling full of life!

  1. Take pictures

To frame the visit to the beach, you cannot miss the photographs; we can even capture many of the beautiful landscapes that can usually be seen there. Pictures have become part of every activity and day, we take them wherever we go in order to keep the memories and show other people what we have been doing. You can take real summer photos of your friends, yourself and all of you together while doing one of the things we mentioned in this article. That way, you will remember that day or night whenever you look at the picture, which will probably make you want to go through it all over again.

  1. Watch the sunset

This is a show cannot miss, just sit on the sand and watch the sun slowly disappear. It is a truly wonderful moment and the colors look prettier than you might have seen in the pictures before. If you do not feel like being with anyone else but yourself, this might be the perfect moment to make peace with yourself and enjoy the moment without letting anything else distract you.

Art in the Washington DC area

Marvel at the mysterious 45 karat Hope Diamond, the tender slippers Dorothy Wizard of Oz, a helicopter of the Vietnam War, majestic living dinosaurs, a rock from Mars, the glorious Apollo spacecraft. You can delight with this and much more in the 19 free museums that make the largest museum complex in the world: the Smithsonian Institution, located in Washington DC.

Sixteen parks and buildings, completely different from any aspect between them, make up the Smithsonian. Eleven of them is located in the city center, between the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument, surrounding a huge grassy field called “The Mall”. Four other museums and parks are in various suburbs of DC, and you can reach them easily by the Metro subway system.

Rates and schedules

Museums, parks, and zoos are open daily from 9 a.m. to 5: 30 pm and are free. However, there are some exhibits or special events that can charge a modest fee of $ 3 to $ 6 per person. We made a short list of 3 most famous museums that you could visit and get in direct contact with the art.

  • National Museum of Natural History

In a building with more than 325,000 square feet of exhibition space, the museum displays an extensive collection of live biological specimens and nonliving, such as dinosaur skeletons, fossils of animals and plants, stuffed mammals, an insect zoo, butterfly pavilion, and more.

One of the most important collections you can visit is in the room Kenneth E. Behring, located on the ground floor of the museum, entering the National Mall. A surprising amount of stuffed mammals observes you.

On the top floor of the museum, there is another stunning room called Janet Annenberg, where the most precious national collection of precious stones are. Here you will find the famous Hope Diamond 45 karat, also known as the Blue Diamond. This is considered a jewel legendary for the supposed curse that has reached each of its owners. The curse is attributed to the same diamond theft of a Hindu temple built in honor of the goddess Sita, in the seventeenth century and was then taken to the French court.

  • National Museum of American History

Here you can discover curious things about the history of the United States in areas such as scientific, military, social, political, cultural and artistic. This museum has a rare combination of objects such as wooden teeth of George Washington, the slippers Judy Garland used in The Wizard of Oz, various costumes of the most influential first ladies, the first telegraph Morse, saxophone Bill Clinton, among many others.

  • National Museum of Air and Space

If you like airplanes and spacecraft this place is a must for you. Stroll through an impressive collection showing the desire to fly the human being from the first aircraft of the Wright brothers to various rockets and maquettes of life-size space satellites. A great part of the objects on display is the original.

The museum’s galleries emphasize the history of aviation, the solar system, aerial photography, satellite imagery and exploring the universe. Seeing all of these important pieces will make you appreciate the history, present and the future.

Things to do in Washington DC

With so many famous tourist levels places like New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, the US capital is a bit neglected by tourists who decide to make a trip to the United States. Perhaps because it gives the city the political force it exerts on the world. It’s a real perception, but politics is not always a topic that appeals to everyone, so it cannot be the priority of tourists. But in fact, Washington DC is much more than politics, it has great historical, cultural, academic wealth to be exploited by those who choose it as a destination.


Just for starters, the city has the largest museum complex in the world, the Smithsonian Institute. There are 19 museums and seven research centers, 11 of them located along the National Mall (lawn that connects the Capitol to the Lincoln Memorial in the heart of the city). Walking the walk through the mall, and you can visit the famous Natural History Museum (Natural History Museum), Museum of Air and Space, National Museum of American History (National Museum of American History), Smithsonian American Art Museum (Smithsonian American Art Museum), among others. All with free admission!


Capitol and Library of Congress

The Capitol is a mandatory tourist spot in DC. Located at one end of the National Mall, the imposing building is the seat of the legislative branch of the US government. Tourists can take a free tour of its interior. The entrance for visitors is located on the rear of the building and allowed 8: 30-16: 30, Monday to Saturday. You will have access to the Visitor Center, where you must collect the queue will receive a sticker with the time of your visit; and then will wait for the start of the session. Despite the queues, the process does not usually take.

The tour begins with a 15-minute video about the history of the Capitol. The film, visitors are guided through the construction of a guide.


Universities in Washington DC

If you are interested in studying in the US, Washington DC can be a great educational destination. Within the city, there are two major universities, Georgetown University and George Washington University, and several others in their environment, such as George Mason University.

The city has a huge academic potential in various fields such as politics, international relations, law, economics, business, history, among many others. Most higher education institutions have internship programs as part of the undergraduate program, providing foreign students an opportunity to gain professional experience in the US capital, with major in their field of study figures.

The best time to visit Washington DC

A good time to visit Washington, DC is during the Festival National Cherry Blossom, held every March and April. It is at this time of year the city trees are covered with flowers and DC becomes a beautiful color. On the occasion of early spring period, various events are held and presentations, live music, outdoor fairs, shows, and more. This is a city with great things to see and experience that you surely will not regret.

Hey, Any Other Art Geeks Out There?

Hey Helen here,

I’ve been living around DC for my whole life, I actually got this website years ago from strangely enough a band I used to be a fan of. I tried searching for them in Google about 3 months ago and I couldn’t find anything about them.

So I registered this domain in hope that I would hopefully be able to talk with like minded individuals/groups. I would like to speak with anybody who went to the bars to see them!

I’m really into art so I will probably fill this site with images/pictures. I think for now I’ll add some from the gigs that used to happen.

Chat soon.